How To Build Your Network Via The Classifieds Without Losing

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How To Build Your Network Via The Classifieds Without Losing Your Pants

Generally everyone who discusses the qualities of an affiliate marketing network likely focuses on the pay-per-click versus pay-for-performance aspects of this advertising tool, and rightfully so! Online these two programs alone have revealed themselves to be the work horses of a successful and diversified affiliate marketing network while at the same time not challenging an undue strain on a companys promotions budget. Thus, start up companies in general and home based small business entrepreneurs in particular settle to this form of self-promotion like bugs to a strong light source in the dark of night. Yet just like the bugs, many of the smaller businesses get burned not because the product was ineffective or the presentation less than professional but instead because the attention simply could not be generated by the participants in the affiliate marketing network who chose to sign up.

In general, those signing up to post links and banners or search boxes onto their sites are looking for the heavy hitters which will lend integrity to the webmaster and her or his site, while smaller...

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