How To Choose A Stun Gun

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With more and more people choosing to arm themselves for personal protection, the sales of stun guns have skyrocketed.

Most people are either not allowed to carry a concealed weapon or are not comfortable carrying a gun on their person so they opt for a safer but reliable way to fend off unwanted attackers.

First off check your local laws. In some cities and states, possessing a stun gun is either prohibited or restricted.

Know what you are allowed to buy and carry before you do so. It will save you a lot of hassle in the end if you do have to use your stun gun against an attacker.

Next you will need to know what to look for in a stun gun. Something that is effective but not lethal.

The voltage will be the next issue. In general you want a stun gun with a minimum of 180,000 volts, but to increase your chances of taking down an attacker, here is where more is better comes into play.

The effectiveness depends on the attackers clothing, if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or are having psychotic episodes.

There are numerous models to choose from when selecting a stun gun. Most are priced from fifty dollars to about...

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