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How To Effectively Make Better Decisions In Life – Familyvision Column

Ben danced to his own beat. He never listened to anyone, not his parents or his instructors. Bens motto was I do it my own way. As a consequence, Bens life was a series of bad decisions. He was unsuccessful in life. Nevertheless, Bens decision making never got any better. As the county guard shut the door to Bens cell, he ordered, Lights out! Ben screamed, Im the man! You cant make me do anything. The prison light goes out. Ben is left in the dark.

The Critical Decision

Have you ever wondered why some people continue to make bad decisions? You see million-dollar celebrities doing it. You can see this action in government officials and business leaders. There are no discriminators. From the very rich to the poorest of the poor, we see people caught in a vicious cycle of bad decision making. Sadly, we see it much closer than that. We witness relatives making those bad decisions. Despite all the wise counsel, the poor decisions continue.

Why is it important to teach people how to make better decisions? Anthony Robbins, author of Awakening the Giant Within, attributes good...

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