How To Make Money Online By Someone Who Never Has.

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How To Make Money Online By Someone Who Never Has. D’oh!

My brother emailed me the other day and asked whether an infomercial web page, you know the ones that scroll forever, was a valuable purchase. I checked out the page and knew instantly it wasn’t. How did I know?

The “Be an Instant Millionaire” Title

If I see titles containing phrases like these I know it’s probably a con:

Adsense Riches
The reality is that 1% of Internet sites make money with Adsense. 99% of that 1% is Google.

Massive Passive Income Streams
For the seller, maybe, but then why would they be selling their own product? No one sells a money making business to individuals who come across their web pages by chance. If they did they would dilute their own earnings potential; meaning they make more money selling the dud system, product or service, than they do utilizing it themselves.

How To Make Mini Sites
Mini sites never make more than $1 per week. So youll need around 2000 of them to make a good living.

100+ Adsense Ready Web Sites
Google penalizes duplicate content and keyword enhanced sites with...

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