How To Overcome The Symptoms Of Gout

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Gout is one of the oldest and most painful diseases known to man. In the middle ages a gout patient was described as someone who was rich, corpulent and aristocratic, particularly one with enormous appetite for food, drink and women. And it is almost and always associated with men.

The symptoms of gout are irregular, excruciatingly painful attacks that are felt in the joints although typically each gouty episode affects one joint at a time. The most commonly affected joints are those of the big toe, which becomes red and swollen, hot and painful so that even the weight of a bed sheet seems unbearable. Other joints such as the knees and elbows are also affected, but one at a time.

The attacks usually last for about two weeks and then subside, recurring at some time in the future. The reoccurrence of the attacks varies sometimes the gout symptoms dont entirely disappear, causing a patient to feel pain all the time.

With current medical technologies and with the use of advanced microscopic examination the real cause of gout was finally identified. And the culprit was none other than uric acid. The excruciating pain in the joints is due to the pointy crystals...

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