How to Take Your Small Business Past the Next Level

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How to Take Your Small Business Past the Next Level

As you may know, I spend a great deal of time coaching and helping others build their virtual businesses. But the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the lack of patience 80 into 0%. I dont know – but I am going to give it a try.

The best way to begin training people is to relate a story to them they can identify with. So here goes . . . In 2003 a person (lets call her Joan) paid me to set up an online web design business for her. I had experience in setting up the web design business named YouOnLine.Net back in 1998, plus I am on the internet 10-12 hours per day so I can keep up with new developments. Therefore, Joan knew I had the expertise to do the job right.

I spent a little over two months setting up Joans business. From securing the domain name and SSL certificate to programming the HTML for the shopping cart I did it all. In fact, on the day Joan chose to open her business, it would be fully functional and making money. Joan was happy, I was happy and I went back home feeling good about a new business being birthed and born.

But three weeks later (without warning) Joan hired an...

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