How To Tune Electric Guitar

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There are many ways to tune an electric guitar. The easiest way is with a guitar tuner, if the intonation is set properly. Tuning a guitar trains your ear to the different sounds of each note.

Find a tuner that works with an electric guitar. Learn to tune your guitar with one note off a fixed source, or by ear. This will help train the ear for the pitch of each note and help with finger placement and the pressure to be applied to the string.

One way to tune is set out below: – Start off with open A (this is the second largest or 5th string). – Use a fixed source such as the piano, harmonica, tuning fork, even another guitar – Now make the A string match the pitch or tone of the A source note by picking the A string and letting it ring – Loosen the string below the tone and then tune while increasing the tension – Loosening and then tightening works best and keeps the guitar in tune longer

Once the A string is tuned move to the D string. – The D string is directly below the A string, it is the 4th string – Sound D by placing your middle finger on the 5th fret on A – This will give the D sound – Hold the...

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