Important Milestones

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Video Games have a history of over 50 years and have been well documented. This is a synopsis of the most important milestones in the history of video gaming.

Video games can be dated back to 1952. It was A.S.Douglas who created the first documented computer game Noughts and Crosses.

The first American to invent an interactive video game was William A. Higginbotham. He invented “Tennis for Two” in 1958. In 1962, Steven Russell created Space war.

In 1971, Nolan Bushnell created the first coin arcade style game Computer Space. Ralph Baer, later known as “the father of video games”, created the first home game console, The Odyssey, capable of playing 12 different games.

The first multi-game home console, Atari 2600, with plug-in cartridges that store game information was released in 1977. 1978 saw Magnavox releasing – a console system that includes a full 49 key keyboard- Odyssey 2.

The popular Pac-Man was brought to the United States by the Japanese Company, Namco, in partnership with America’s Midway in 1980. Pac-Man is the first game to have an animated character with its own name.


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