Improve Your Golf Swing With Keeping Your Golf Club On

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Improve Your Golf Swing With Keeping Your Golf Club On The Correct Swing Plane

We as golfers have heard the term swing plane many times during our golfing careers. But do we really know the definition of it and the bearing upon our golf swing?

Recently, I had a conversation with Dean Reinmuth (top 30 teaching pro ranked by Golf Digest) and I think he described swing plane the best. Dean suggests to think of the swing plane as an imaginary circle. The imaginary circle that represents the swing plane is set at an angle. It is the path on which it is necessary for the club to travel in order to execute the swing correctly.

Beginning at address, the clubhead and shaft should be positioned at the bottom of the swing plane. During takeaway into the backswing and at the transition point of the swing, the clubhead and shaft are to remain on the swing plane. These three phases of the swing represent the club traveling up the swing plane to top of it. Keep in mind the visual of the circle and the shaft of the club dissecting the shoulder during these phases of the swing.

Once the transition is complete, the downswing begins and the clubhead is moving down...

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