Increase Your Self Esteem With This Easy Method

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Low Self Esteem is essentially a civil war. It is an internal battle between two belief systems that disagree. We often spot the struggle between these two in our behavior causing emotional torment.

Another way to look at this is as a lack of integrity. Integrity means wholeness. It is when beliefs and actions are congruent. If they lack congruency then we end up in conflict and our pride in ourselves plummets.

You may find that you see and feel very differently about yourself in different contexts. At home you maybe clear and confident about who you are, and yet when you get to your workplace you feel like youre falling apart as though you are a completely different person. Then again the reverse maybe true; at work youre astounded by how confident and positive you are, but then in another context you a gibbering wreck.

Each day we face situations that trigger our belief systems. If you find yourself in a situation (or live permanently in that state)you will be in a war zone – each belief is being challenged and therefore whatever you do will react strongly to it. The result? A lack of self pride and respect.

Let me explain it this way. My...

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