Instant nlp. The power of the pause.

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NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The techniques of NLP are based in psycology and hypnosis. I have been using these techniques on other people and myself for years to improve my life and theirs.

Controlling someone without their knowledge does not have to be a bad thing. Think about it. You could help a friend end their self destructive behaviour. That would be a good thing wouldn’t it? You could motivate your children to do better in school without openly nagging and critisizing. That would be really good wouldn’t it? So NLP is a really good thing isn’t it?

If you can see the obvious manipulation in the above paragraph you already know and probably use some NLP without realising it. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is simply put using words, inflection and body language to influence someones thought process. To make them think that your idea is their own. They obey because they think it was their idea.

There are far too many techniques to cover in one short article, but this is one you can start using immediately. The power of the pause. It has to do with the way our brains process language. Some people believe that listening is...

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