Is DVD replication better than DVD duplication?

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This is probably the no. 1 most frequently asked question that we get. Many people think that they are the same and use these 2 words interchangeably. Some people say one but actually mean the other. It creates a lot of confusion because each method has its pros and cons. If you are trying to get a price and time estimate even at the same quantity you might get wildly different answers.

DVD Duplication
DVD duplication (a.k.a burned DVD) is the process to create the content using DVD-R media. In other words, a duplicator is used to create or “burn” the source image to another pre-manufactured DVD-R.

DVD Replication
DVD replication (a.k.a pressed DVD) creates a glass master from a pre-mastered image. Stampers are subsequently created from glass master. The stampers will then be used to press the discs with injection molding made of raw polycarbonate plastic.

What’s the big deal?
Now you might be asking, “So what’s the big deal? So they are different process”. A big deal if you ask me. Replication is the de facto process for higher quantity manufacturing, say 1000 pieces and up. With...

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