Is individual hypnosis dangerous?

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Many may not be aware that hypnotism occurs to them on a daily basis, but one would still be prompted to ask, is individual hypnosis dangerous?

Many people are yet to recognize whether they are actually being hypnotized or are under a state of hypnosis and surprisingly, it happens often than one would actually think.

Have you ever wondered what happens inside your brain when you are won over by highly convincing sales talk from a sales person or a television or radio advertisement?

Or unwittingly singing along to a commercial jingle playing through a public address system in a grocery or supermarket?

Chances are, and most likely than not, you are being hypnotized.

Although at a much lower degree of hypnosis that affects our everyday life, this is a fact that the state of hypnotism exists.

Most people believe that hypnosis is a world of imagination and a trip down the subconscious realm and spells the difference between imagination and reality.

Of all the many scientific concepts about hypnosis, the most popular of all related concepts is that it is a means of directly accessing the human mind.

One would normally be at a...

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