Is The Second Coming Of Christ The End Of The

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Is The Second Coming Of Christ The End Of The World?

Wars, natural disasters, droughts, famines and all sorts of general calamities are predicted just before the second coming of Christ. All of these portents are merely a prelude to the second coming of Christ but they are not signals of the end of the world, they are only signals of the second coming. When Christ returns the world does not end, what does end is the world as we know it.

Although not comprehensive here are two lists, one is what will end at the second coming of Christ the other is a list of what will begin. One thing that will become blatantly apparent as you read the lists is that the world does not end.

What will end at the second coming of Christ?

Satans rule of the earth and his deceiving the nations. Revelation 20:2

Democracies, monarchies, dictatorships and all other forms of rule by men. Revelation 11:15

Sorrows, warfare, sickness, hunger, misrule, crime, hospitals, prisons, police forces, fires, accidents, disasters, and barriers of all kinds between nations. Revelation 7:17

Cities as we know them today. Revelation 16:19

Islands and mountains...

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