Know How To Use A Stun Gun

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It is not enough that you now own a stun gun to help protect you and your family against attackers. You have spent the time researching different types of guns, and have painstakingly chosen one you think you can handle. But will you know what to do if you are actually attacked?

The stun gun is a battery-operated device that uses electrical currents to render an attacker disabled for up to thirty minutes by interrupting the nerve impulses that control muscle movement.

Many targets will have severe muscle spasms and be left unable to move. It can be used as a protection against attackers and muggers.

Instructions for use are fairly simple if you keep a level head and just focus on what needs to be done instead of panicking. First, when leaving the safety of your car, hold the stun gun steadily in your hand. Also, turn the stun gun on before leaving your vehicle, but do not pull the trigger.

Make sure the prongs are faced away from your body and towards the attackers. Dont touch any part of the prongs. The current could temporarily disable you.

Hold the stun gun against the attackers hip or shoulder before firing it. These are the best muscles...

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