Land Scams Invest in land with your Eyes wide

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Land Scams Invest in land with your Eyes wide open

There are unfettered firms which exist only on paper as a front for flogging shares and land investments etc with the promise of extraordinarily high returns when in reality they may be nearly worthless.

Thousands of investors have been caught out by land investment scams like the one happen in Kent popularly known as Kent land scam where very slick, convincing and persistent salespeople ring up and verbally bash them into parting with cash – usually with the line that the land investors is getting in “on the ground floor” and by insisting they hand over cash immediately or lose out on the “opportunity” altogether.

This version of a high return investment is an example of the type of tale that can be woven around these schemes. Whatever the theme the basic idea is designed to part you from an enormous amount of money. Equally the fraudsters or the so called scammers will deter you from disclosing the deal to anyone else for the reason that you are joining an exclusive group who will benefit from an investment which must rely on secrecy.

The simple rule of investing in...

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