Learn Spanish To Enhance Your Vacation Experience

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If you are wondering why people are rushing to learn Spanish these days, it might be hard to pinpoint one particular reason. If you are an American, your reason for learning Spanish may be far different than a European who has decided its time to learn the language.

So, why is learning Spanish important to so many people? Let us give you some facts first:

* Spanish has become the second language of the United States

* The Spanish language is gaining importance as a second or third language in many European countries

* There are over 400 million Spanish speakers around the globe, only exceeded by those groups speaking English, Chinese, and Hindustani.

* Spanish is the fourth most popular language in the world and the native, or official, language on four different continents.

So, enough for the geography lesson. So why should you make the time and investment to learn Spanish? Let me tell you some of the more popular reasons why people like you and me want to learn Spanish:

Its Very Easy to Learn

The Spanish language is truly one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Much of the Spanish vocabulary is similar to English....

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