Leaving Secrets: How to Create a Personal Instruction Manual for

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Leaving Secrets: How to Create a Personal Instruction Manual for Life

Imagine if your great, great grandfather or grandmother had left you a book with their secrets for living. Maybe it contained nuggets of wisdom, yummy recipes, favorite jokes, or just insights for how to lead a good life. Ever since people learned of my next book, Lifes Missing Instruction Manual, people are curious how to create their own manual for life.

You can leave such a book for your own family. What are the key lessons youve learned in your life? Are you ready to share them with your children and grandchildren or with your friend, siblings, parents, and grandparents?

What youve gleaned from your life experiences can make things easier for your children or your relatives. In fact, the lessons youve earned from trial and error can be the perfect gift for everyone in your life or for one person who matters to you. Heres how to commit your insights to writing and share them with your fellow life travelers.

Carry a pad of paper around with you everywhere for a week.

Jot down your thoughts and observations as they occur to you. Dont judge them. Just make note of them....

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