Medical Procedures used in Gall Bladder Surgery

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The gall bladder is a pear-shaped organ that has an important role in the digestion of fat. The liver produces bile and the gall bladder stores it, releasing it when partially digested food is absorbed inside the small intestine. Gall bladder disease mostly occurs due to formation of gallstones inside the gall bladder. Gallstones are formed from cholesterol, calcium and bile salts. When they grow in size, they block the bile ducts and obstruct the normal release of bile. Gallstones are difficult to eliminate and in large amounts they can cause inflammation, swelling and even infection of the gall bladder. In serious forms of gall bladder disease, immediate surgery is required in order to prevent the occurrence of complications.

After the gall bladder is surgically removed, the process of digestion is slowed down, as the liver has to produce more bile when food enters the stomach and small intestine. Due to this fact, gall bladder surgery is recommended mostly to people who suffer from serious forms of gall bladder disease. Gall bladder surgery is considered to be the last resort in the treatment for gall bladder disease and it is performed only when the patients dont...

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