Mold 101

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Home mold presents serious health hazards to you and your family. However, it is not hard to prevent mold once you know what exactly is mold, how to identify it, and what are the techniques you can utilize to prevent it.

So What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that grows from spores and is essential for the breakdown of dead plant and animal matter. Mold spores are usually inactive, but they will become active if humidity levels exceeds70% or if the temperature goes above 65 degrees. Mold exists everywhere in the environment, it may be found indoors and outdoors. Mold is often found in damp or wet areas, this why it is so common in places such as the basement and bathroom and outdoor in grass and hay. People come in touch with mold everyday. Mold is what causes food to spoil, wood to rot, and paper to smell musty.

How to Identify Mold?

Mold is the black grwth you often see on wet window sills. If you store paper or fabrics in a damp place you might get the musty smell that is cause by the action of molds. Active mold growth is slimy and is usually green, black, orange or purple. When inactive mold is dry and looks like a powder. It is usually...

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