Mommy & Baby: Styles Of Parenting

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As a parent, you have the opportunity to set the tone in your home based on the style of parenting you choose. You can choose child-centered parenting or family-centered parentingthe differences will be discussed here.

 Child-centered Parenting
o Intensely pursue the childs happiness, taking great strains to avoid discomfort or emotional stress for the child.
o The child receives what she wants when she wants it: no delay, no waiting.

These concepts might not sound too bad, but what happens when Mom is sick? Or when Mom & Dad want to leave the baby with a sitter? There is little-to-no freedom in this parenting planand the baby will not grow in to a child who understands delayed gratification or how the world works. Additionally, this sets a child up for a bad case of me-ismother people will not matter to her. Her goals and needs are paramount to everyone elses goals and needs, and the ability to look outward and understand being part of a team will be compromised.

 Family-centered Parenting
o Keeps the babys needs met, but within the appropriate context of the family unit.
o The child enters in to a team-setting;...

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