Mountain Climbing – Guard Against Common Ailments

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Are you interested in taking up the exhilarating and exciting sport of mountain climbing? Some avid climbers liken it to a religious experience. There are dangers you need to be aware of so you can enjoy this sport safely.

Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS is a common ailment for climbers. AMS occurs when you breathe in air at high altitudes with decreased oxygen levels. The mildest symptoms of AMS are headaches and fatigue but more serious cases can result in fluid in the lungs and brain.

High Altitude Pulmonary Edema or HAPE is much more serious than AMS and breathing will become very difficult which can be fatal.

High Altitude Cerebral Edema or HACE is similar to HAPE. Fluid builds up in the brain and as it swells from the fluid and pressure builds your judgement is impaired. This can also be fatal.

All of these altitude related ailments have similar symptoms and signs but with varying degrees depending on the altitude. Dizziness can be dangerous especially in steep and uneven terrain. Insomnia is another dangerous result and slows your reflexes and thinking. Nausea and fever is not as serious but it can lead to dehydration which has other...

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