Nail Guns – The Principle Behind Direct Drive And Indirect

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Nail Guns – The Principle Behind Direct Drive And Indirect Drive Nail Guns And Why They Are Safe

Nail guns represents newer technology taking over the traditional nail and hammer in most construction projects of a large scale. Where the project is huge or consists of repetitive similar designs of individual housing units, the use of a nail gun in woodwork for these housing units have proven to be effective, reducing the construction time and lessening the labor cost component.

Nail guns are simply powerful machines that launch nails at high speed, fully embedding them in a piece of wood, concrete and even steelwork in only a fraction of a second.

Nail guns not only enable fast nailing, but saves labor cost and reduces inaccuracies in nailing and hammer accidents at the same time.

There are a wide variety of nail guns on the market, employing a range of physical principles.

With a high launching speed, how can nail guns be safe and help reduce accidents? Isn’t it easier to have nailing accidents?

The answer to this question can be found in its design.

Nail guns are designed basically to be used with the muzzle...

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