Never Act Predictably

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There exists an understanding among con men, comedians, stage magicians and mind control experts that comes down to a simple axiom.

“Now one can defend against what they can cannot predict.”

This is how comedians make you laugh. They allow you to assume one thing and then shock you into laughter with another.

Con men come out of the blue, never telling their mark that they are going to con them and steal their money.

Stage magicians use misdirection that causes their audience to assume one thing while something else entirely is taking place.

Guerilla War of Minds

Mind Control, the covert attempt to influencing others thoughts, is no different. You are required to create a context where the subject will naturally assume what you want them to without ever having to say it overtly. So something that seems to come “out of the blue” can be of great benefit.

There are two benefits to this strategy. First, it will aid the subject to draw their own conclusion. Second, it will stop them from making their usual assumptions and create what is called in NLP a “pattern interrupt”.


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