Noise Reducing Headphones

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Have you ever been the victim of suffering unwanted noise whether it be in the home or your work environment?

The answer is in a set of headphones that are specifically made to cancel out the offending sound.

They work by producing an anti-noise device in the headset. Simply speaking, if a noise is made with the opposite polarity of the offending noise then it cancels it out!

This means that music can be listened to at a lower volume or indeed the intrepid air traveler can sleep on a noisy aircraft.

The anti-noise system was created, not for the home user, but for the workers who are around aircraft or heavy machinery. It was applied to headsets for long haul pilots and eventually for home users.

Some airlines offer the sound canceling headphones in their first-class sections. The anti-noise can even be played back through the headrests making a far more peaceful environment for traveling long distances.

The continuous hum of aircraft engines can be rather disconcerting on long flights.

However, if you really want to cut out background noise while you concentrate on the music or perhaps that seminar recording, this type of...

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