Nuclear Panhandling; North Korea And Iran Seek To Trade Threats

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Nuclear Panhandling; North Korea And Iran Seek To Trade Threats Of Oblivion For Alms

Remember nuclear blackmail? Apparently, North Korea and Iran have refined the practice into outright panhandling. Lets indulge, with a not entirely charitable examination, this new and nettlesome version of Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

Standing on the most conspicuous street corners the two beggarly brats can manage in our minds, they proffer their illicit cups in quest of alms, while they wiggle their nascent nuclear capabilities at our noses.

North Korea plays What The Hecks Bad Boy and launches seven missiles obviously calculated to fly in the face of the civilized worlds most anxious hand-wringing, and Iran continues to enrich uranium while European negotiators heap ever more incentives into its cynically proffered tin.

How deserving are these increasingly irksome beggars?

North Korea has the thorny problem of watching its Asian neighbors ascend ever more successfully in the worlds economic stratosphere while its own economy rumbles along in a decrepit cart composed of dusty economic lumber that has long since proven to be inherently impoverishing. So it...

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