Parental Control – TV Rating System

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With the increase of sex and violence on television, or as George Carlin likes to delicately put it, “Sax and Violins”, parents have to be more careful than ever about what they allow their children to watch. But how do they do that? Unless they’ve got some kind of guide or know every movie that’s ever come out there is just no way they can possibly know if a movie or program is suitable for their child.

The TV rating system to the rescue.

Essentially, the TV rating system is a system put in place that evaluates a programs sex and violence content and rates the program accordingly. This rating is then displayed, usually at the left hand corner of your TV screen. This way, when you turn a program on you will immediately know if it is something you want your child to watch. How? Well, the ratings are pretty well defined, though there are some gray areas.

Let’s cover the basic ratings so you have an idea of what to expect.

TV Y – This is the lowest, or least offensive rating. A program with a TV Y rating is deemed to be appropriate for children of all ages. This can be either animated or live action. ...

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