Parents It Is Your Job To Keep Your Child Safe

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Parents It Is Your Job To Keep Your Child Safe Online

We all have different ways with dealing with government. Many people think it is the governments job to take care of us in many ways and others think that the government should stay out of our private lives and let us sink or swim as we may.

In no area is this more contested than with our children. The government oversees how our children are educated. In low-income families the government sees to it the children are fed and clothed. When it comes to abusive parents the government steps in and removes the child placing the childs safety over the right of the parents to keep their child.

However, the government cannot protect your child or teenager while they surf the Internet and browse through the various websites and chatrooms available there. Why? Because the Internet is international. No one government can police the Internet.

This makes some parents unhappy because they are used to the government doing everything for them and consider it their right to do so as American Citizens and because they are used to it.

Many parents for years used the television to baby-sit their children. At...

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