Passive Solar Problems Too Much Heat

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Solar energy presents one of the cleanest renewable energy platforms we have available to us. Sometimes, however, it works to well and can turn your house into a scorcher.

Passive Solar Problems Too Much Heat

Although you probably do not realize it, your home is heated using passive solar as the energy source. No, we are not talking about solar panels here. Instead, passive solar simply refers to the heat produced when sunlight inherently enters you home through windows and starts to produce heat by warming up floors, furniture, carpets and so on. In some instances, savvy people intentionally orient their house to take advantage of passive solar, but most people dont have a clue it is happening.

The sun is extremely powerful. Obviously, it is the basis of all life on our planet. Most people dont realize how much energy is contained in sunlight. For example, how many times have you left a vehicle in a parking lot only to come back and find it blazing hot inside? This is passive solar at its finite best. The sunlight penetrates through the windows and heats up the interior of the vehicle. Now you understand passive solar and, ironically, one of the...

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