Personal Development Procrastinators

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Do you dream of a better life, more money, healthy loving relationships, greater freedom, more job satisfaction and reaching all those long cherished goals? Ask yourself why you havent achieved them yet. I bet you can come up with a dozen or more excuses. However, if most people are honest with themselves there is only one reason why their life stays the same, year in and year out!

One of the biggest problems for people is procrastination. A failure to act on your desires is usually the main reason why people fail to increase their lot in life.

The simple truth is everyone procrastinates. However, the difference between really successful people, people who achieve average success and people who stay stuck, is their level of action!

Most people know what needs to be done to get the things, situations and outcomes they desire. However, they fail to even try to get them. This isnt just a simple case of laziness. Many times there are deep rooted feelings of fear, insecurity and emotional blocks. They make excuses as to why they shouldnt bother or why they deserve to sit in front of the TV after a hard day at work!

You can study all the personal...

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