Personal Pilates Exercise

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If you stick with Pilates faithfully, it will dramatically change the way your body feels, looks and performs.

Pilates builds strength without having to worry about excess bulk. It will create a sleek, toned body that has a flat abdomen and slender thighs.

Pilates teaches good posture, body awareness and easy, graceful movements. It will improve you agility, flexibility and economy of motion.

It can also help to relieve back pain. Professional dancers have been using Pilates for decades.

Many of your top athletes use it for flexibility, strength and injury prevention. Supermodels and Hollywood celebrities use it Pilates to maintain beautiful bodies.

Is this some sort of miracle? No, not really. Pilates is an exercise system that is very safe and sensible and was developed by Joseph Pilates.

He developed the Pilates method for the rehabilitation of injured veterans returning from World War I.

You can either use a floor mat or other equipment and accessories which will help you feel and look your very best. Regardless of your condition or age, Pilates will work for you

Pilates develops a strong center of the body or -core-....

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