“Pinkeye” – Conjunctivitis

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Commonly known as pinkeye, Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the outer most layer of the eye and the inner side of the eyelid. Conjunctivitis infections commonly come in one of three flavours: viral, bacterial, or allergic. There is, however, several other cases of less common conjunctivitis:
– Chemicals
– Thermal and ultraviolet burns
– Foreign bodies
– Overuse of contact lenses
– Toxins
– Vitamin deficiency
– Dry eye, sometimes due to inadequate eyelid closure
– Exposure to chickens infected with Newcastle disease

Lets take a quick look at the three most common types of conjunctivitis.

The first is viral conjunctivitis. This type is transmitted by contact with a variety of contagious viruses. These required viruses need not be any harsher than the common cold virus, as these cases are generally associated with upper respiratrory tract symptoms.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is most commonly caused by the infected’s own skin or respiratory flora due to pyogenic bacteria. Another common way to spread infection, generally by females, is through sharing of...

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