Poker Betting

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Betting is really what poker is all about. There wouldnt be much excitement in the game if your only motivation to play is to have a better hand then the next guy. Betting means you are chancing the loss of something of value in order to gain something of value. How wisely you bet is just as important in winning poker as the cards you are dealt. The following is a brief explanation of basic poker betting structure and terminology:

Betting: To make a wager of a specific amount governed by preset game rules.

The Check: The player does not put any money into the pot and is allowed to stay in the game. However, the checker is required to call or may raise any bet made by the following bettor, unless that bettor checks as well. Any bet by any player during a round of play must be equaled or raised by all players that have previously checked.

Call: To equal the amount of money placed in the pot by a player who has placed a bet.

Fold: To fold means the player does not participate in the betting because he does not think he can develop a winning hand, and chooses to opt out of that round of play by placing his cards face down in front of him.


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