Privacy Invaders: Spyware And Adware Dangers

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Do Internet Users Really Mind Big Brother Watching Them?

Let’s get real about who is watching us online. No matter where we go, someone is monitoring our visits. Does this really pose any form of danger? Is this considered a privacy rights violation? It’s simple. Protecting a computer is one of the most important aspects to a computer owner. Protection of software is often the highest importance for many users. One of the fastest ways that a computer can become corrupted is from viruses that attack the computer. Viruses can come in many forms, but is often a result of insufficient protection against software viruses. There can be, however, virus protection software that can be of poor quality, and still allow viruses to filter thru. Just as virus protection is important, so is the security information that is given on a computer.

What’s the big deal?

Your credit card numbers, bank info and social security info are easily transferred to other parties in other countries. I had a client who had the pleasure of “overhauling” his credit because his identity had been compromised (stolen) for years!

What are these...

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