Return To Fishing – I Feel Like A Newbie Again!

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Return To Fishing – I Feel Like A Newbie Again!

Back in my childhood I spent every spare minute on the river bank trying to catch fish. I would grab a few hours after school before it got too dark and sometimes i’d get up early and get a few hours in before school!

I remember looking forward to the weekend so I could spend two solid day fishing and sometimes overnight trips were planned.

I spent the first two years trying and trying to catch a fish, just one fish! I didn’t succeed, I caught nothing, other than the odd cold or piece of reed!

As I got a bit older, my pocket money went up and I was able to buy some better fishing tackle. This helped a lot as I learned I had been using Hooks which were far too big for the fish I was trying to catch. As my experience grew and my knowledge base expanded I began to catch fish consistantly. I started catching Gudgeon and the odd Roach or Perch. Nothing big, just small fish. This kept me interested and I couldn’t wait to get back to it at the nearest possible time.

After a couple of seasons of catching small, easy to land fish, I felt the urge to catch bigger fish. Carp, Bream...

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