Revealed – The Truth About Coaching, Hypnosis, Nlp And How

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Revealed – The Truth About Coaching, Hypnosis, Nlp And How To Go Beyond It

NLP hasnt evolved very far since it was first conceived. As an NLP Trainer with 16 years Coaching and Hypnosis experience, all Jonathan Clark sees is more of the same. So hes done something about it

Interviewer: I was so impressed with your skill and depth of knowledge and ability to help people truly change their lives and things have really developed since then, havent they, youve now developed your own methodology called HGE, its a definite breakthrough or progression or evolvement might be a more appropriate word from NLP I think, and its really fascinating to me because I think NLP has done the world an incredible service but at least to me seems to have stopped progressing, but I think certainly what you do Jonathan is a really fresh and by what Im seeing a more rapid way of truly evolving all these desires we have as human beings in health and relationships, money, business and so its very, very fascinating so youve written a book – we are now basically talking about that book or talking about HGE really. Lets get straight into it, so why dont you start Jonathan with a...

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