Ringworm: A Non-Crawling Fungus That Can Spread Over The Entire

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Ringworm: A Non-Crawling Fungus That Can Spread Over The Entire Body

It itches, makes you scratch, but it is not a worm. It is contagious but can be controlled naturally and quickly. Kill the the fungus with a proven natural remedy.


A rather common ailment has gone by a very unattractive name and one that is somewhat misleading. The scientific name for this ailment is Tinea; however the more common name is simply Ringworm. Tinea is Latin for growing worm and may have led to the more common English translation.

Ringworm Defined

Ringworm is a simple fungal infection that zeros in on several key areas of your body including feet, scalp, nails and in the general area of the groin. The hallmark of ringworm is itching, skin redness and a patchy lesion that is clear in the center.


The fungal agent associated with ringworm is found among humans and animals. There is also a small variety of ringworm fungus that is found in certain soils. The transference of the fungus from carrier to host generally takes place through direct contact with either the infected animal or individual. Transference can also happen, to a lesser...

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