Safety Faq: Answers To Common Safety Questions

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* What are the most common types of accidents?

Accidents are classified into various categories, which are generally determined by the cause and the persons or things involved in the occurrence. Some of the most common types of accidents are:

– Home accidents

– Highway accidents involving vehicles

– Workplace accidents

According to one study, 40 % of accidents take place at home, particularly for child-related injuries.

* Where do most accidents occur?

Most home accidents occur in living or dining rooms. These are the places where children spend most of their time. On the other hand, the kitchen is also a common place for accidents at home because of sharp objects and hot surfaces. Slipping cases typically occur on stairs.

* What is the most common childhood accident and what can I do to prevent it?

Collision of the child with an object at home is one of the most common types of accidents for children. Often, they are hit with a falling object because they didn’t see it coming, or they collide with something when they fall. Another common childhood accident is swallowing a foreign...

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