Safety Tips For Joggers

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A frequent error that joggers or runners make is that they become so preoccupied in their physical activity that they fail to be alert and pay attention to their surroundings. The following are a series of personal safety tips for joggers and runners:

– Jog or run with a known companion.

– Jog or run in a familiar area.

– Do not jog or run in a heavily wooded, poorly lighted or secluded area, particularly if jogging or running alone.

– Don’t wear radio or recorder earphones.

– Do not jog or run after dark.

– Do not jog or run near bushes, which can provide concealment.

– Wear bright colored clothing to improve your visibility.

– Vary your route and pattern of jogging or running.

– Carry pepper spray or high decibel battery powered personal alarm device when you jog or run.

– If followed, go to the nearest residence, open business or group of people.

– Carry your motor vehicle and/or home key with you.

Defense Against Dogs

Joggers or runners often encounter what either may be or appear to be an unfriendly dog. If...

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