Secrets to making money online with your list funnel

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There is a great potential in product funnels as used in mailing lists to earn you money.

But they have to be set up correctly – something most of the advice I’ve gathered from articles on the web don’t do.

Let’s cover some basics. 3-4% of the people you contact (or opt-in) will buy anything you put in front of them – so the bigger your list, the more income you will make.

80% of your total income will come from 20% of your public – more or less. (And this means 64% comes from 4%, 51% comes from .3% – at least on paper.)

As people don’t find things to be of value, they will drop off/opt-out.

With a poor conversion factor, you will probably wind up with 50% or more of your list being that 3-4% and so this will skew your data. High opt-outs, few purchases will give you a steady income – as long as you keep creating new products for these “buy anything” public. You are then in maintain mode for this small niche – and your income is pegged.

You want to be able to scale your income and keep increasing it, plus freeing your time to find new niches – not just new...

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