Self Defence 8: Curdle His Blood!

| Total Words: 503

Tyson, my dog, is a powerful Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Tremendously strong, huge jaws and a tremendous bite. Which I know to my cost when he misses his rope tug-of-war and accidentally catches me instead!

The only thing which subdues him is a sharp command from my wife. And down he cowers. [A bit like me?]

Gorgeously natured, he is afraid of nothing. Thats how it should be. He is able to go wherever he chooses when I allow him.

But I have observed on so many occasions an important fact.

A sudden loud noise completely throws his mind off-balance; instead of his usual Boss of the World demeanour, he transforms. He closes in upon himself, his Power VANISHES. His Mind-Force depletes and he could at that instant be eaten by a little Yorkshire Terrier. For just those few seconds
But a few seconds is enough to survive in a street survival mugging or rape confrontation.

There is a little-known martial arts system called Kiai-jutsu. Essentially a method of uttering a loud shout at the psychological moment to render the attacker witless and mentally thrown off balance. It is very effective, but can be done by everyone, if they have given it...

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