Self Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy: An Article For Therapists

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For me Self Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy go hand in hand when I am treating clients. I see them as completely complementary of each other and a must for greater success and empowerment of the client.

Each and every client that starts Hypnotherapy with me first learns that art of Self-Hypnosis. This doesnt mean that they get a tape or a cd to listen to, but they actually learn the process without the need for any recordings.

This is REAL empowerment.

My theory is that if a client comes for smoking and in a few years time they are struggling to lose a few pounds, they shouldnt have to turn back to me, but use their new skill of Self Hypnosis to tackle it themselves.

My other goal is to get a client to a place where they feel that THEY have made the change thus allowing them to be their own hero and not me. This is so important as with this attitude they begin to take charge and begin achieving even more great goals in their lives.

So how do you teach Self Hypnosis in just fifty minutes so that they client goes away feeling confident and motivated to practice?

First I do Chevreul’s pendulum and explain how there is a mind/body...

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