Stop Snoring And Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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When most people think of snoring, they think of it as an almost humorous nuisance. But snoring can have very serious effects on the quality of your life and your health.

Snoring has several causes. A cold or other infection can make breathing difficult and cause the sound of snoring as the sleeping person struggles to draw air through blocked nasal passages and throat.

Sometimes snoring is the result of a medical condition, such as swollen tonsils and adenoids (lymphoid tissues located at the back of the throat).

Snoring can also be caused by a misshapen wall separating the nasal cavity, called a deviated nasal septum, or a growth in the cavity, called a nasal polyp, both of which cause nasal blockages.

Snoring can also occur when flabby throat muscles are drawn into the airway, particularly when muscular control is overly relaxed by alcohol, drugs, or deep sleep.

The larger the tissues in your soft palate, the more likely you are to snore while sleeping. Alcohol or sedatives taken shortly before sleep also promote snoring. These drugs cause greater relaxation of the tissues in your throat and mouth.

Not everyone who snores has sleep...

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