Success Or Statistic?

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Which one will you be in network marketing?

The truth is the odds are against you; chances are youll be a statistic.

Hmmmmm bet the super star space commander upline guru that signed you up or wants to sign you up told you that did he/she?

Here are a few stats that may alarm you:

Did you know that 70,000 people sign up into a network marketing company EVERYDAY?

But did you know that 95% of the people that sign up into a network marketing company will quit within the first year?


Well there are a lot or reasons, poor support, poor company, poor product, poor compensation plan, poor upline. But to me one of the biggest reasons is


Most people have been lied to from the get go.

Many of the people who are recruiting people into companies (hate that term recruiting) are lying to people and telling people what they want to hear so they will join their company.

Now on one had you cant blame many of these people, therere just doing what they were taught by the person that signed them up, and thats usually some person with the recruit, recruit, recruit mentalitythose are the...

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