TCP/IP architecture model

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1. Network interface(Data link) layer
2. Network layer
3. Transport layer
4. Application layer

Network interface layer
The lowest layer of the TCP/IP model. Its task is to provide access to the transmission physical medium and it differs according to the implementation of the medium.

Network layer
The network layer provides network addressing, routing and datagram transmission. Used protocols that will be of interest further regarding DHCP are IP and ARP.

IP protocol
It is the basic protocol of the network layer and in general the internet as a whole. It sends datagrams, which are independent units that contain information about the destination, source and the sequence number of the datagram. The sequence number is used for message reconstruction, since the delivery order of the datagrams might not be the same as their order in the message and delivery reliability isn’t guaranteed at all.

IP protocol versions:
“IP v4 – 32 bit addresses. Provides approximately 4 billion unique addresses which aren’t sufficient at present times.
“IP v6 – 128 bit addresses. The...

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