The Chihuahua Art Of George Rodrigue Blue Dog Comes Of

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The Chihuahua Art Of George Rodrigue Blue Dog Comes Of Age

The Blue Dog by George Rodrigue is perhaps the most famous Chihuahua art in the world. Rodrigue was born in an area of French Louisiana known as the Acadiana. He was educated at Catholic schools before going to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The Chihuaha art Blue Dog first made its way into the American conscious in 1984.

The Chihuahua art of the Blue Dog is based on Rodrigues childhood pet, Tiffany.

The first Chihuahua art print Watch Dog was based on a familiar Cajun folk tale. The Loup-garou is a mythical werewolf that roams around places in Louisiana at night. Rodrigue recalls that he was told as a child to go to bed or else the loup-garou would get him. It is a boogie man story that became world art. The Watch Dog painting was set in a full moon landscape, which gave the dog the blue tint. Thus the iconic image was born.

The Chihuahua art Blue Dog would make its way back into several of Rodrigues prints including 1998s Hawaiian Blues and Sometimes I feel like a dog.

Rodrigue has painted several presidents including Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. He painted an...

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