The formation of fat and the glycemic index

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The glycemic index helps explain the dynamics of weight gain and loss very well. Although it is not likely that this is the complete reason in all people why weight is gained in the face of substantial calorie restriction, it would appear to be a primary factor. But before going into what this index is and why it is vital in the management of one’s diet, let’s look first at how fat is formed, and how fat can later be broken down.
Insulin plays a major role in the storage of all the breakdown products of food that are absorbed into the bloodstream. Glucose (carbohydrates), triglycerides (fats), and amino acids (proteins) are all pushed into storage forms in the cells of the body by insulin. Obese people generally have higher insulin levels than people who are not obese, and any food they eat is more likely to proceed directly into storage as fat in the presence of this increased amount of insulin. This is one reason why obese people can eat very little and still not lose (or possibly even gain) weight.Since the level of circulating insulin in the body is so important in causing food to become fat rather than to be directly utilized for energy, ...

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