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Suppose youre arena six-handed $100 buy-in no-limit holdem.

Youre dealt AH KS beneath the gun. You accession to $3. The button and the blinds call, authoritative the pot $12 activity into the flop. The bomb is AD JS 3S. The blinds analysis to you, you bet pot, the button calls, and the blinds fold. The pot is $36, and the about-face is the 9H.. You bet pot, and the button calls. The pot is $108. The river is the 2S. You go all-in for $49, and your adversary calls.

Did you win this hand?

Probably not. Many players belittle their opponents and accept they will call large, pot-sized bets with top brace and a anemic article or alike a lesser pair.
However, authoritative ample pot-sized pots is about not the way to get amount from top pair/top article (TPTK) adjoin best opponents. If you accept TPTK or an overpair, pot-sized bets about constrain your opponents calling distributions to easily that all accept you beaten.

Every Made Poker

Hand Is Not a Bifold Up

If you accomplish a bet that constrains your opponents calling distributions to easily that are all bigger than yours, again you will lose money in the continued run back...

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