The Indian Chess Chaturanga

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Chess, as well all know, is a recreational and competitive sport played between two players. Nowadays, it is sometimes referred to as international chess or Western chess, which is actually used to distinguish it from its predecessors and other variants. More so, chess is one of the worlds most popular games, played by millions of people in clubs, online, tournaments and informally.

However, where did chess actually began? Who were the first people ever to invent this intellectual sport and what was its original purpose. The chess game was thought to have originated in India or Afghanistan before 600 A.D. However, there are several and unverified claims stating that the game existed as early as 100 A.D.

The Chaturanga

The chess game has been attributed to the Indians by both the Arabs and the Persian people. However, the main origin of the sport has been lost in antiquity. Chess in Old Persian and Arabic are chatrang and shatranj respectively. Both of these terms are derived from the Sanskrit word Chaturanga. Literally, the word Chaturanga means the army of four divisions, constituting the cavalry, infantry, elephant and chariots, which are now being...

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