The Meaning Of Life. Really.

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Since Day ONE of the creation, blokes like you and I searched for that elusive reason to life.

Why are we here?

What is our purpose?

Does the world follow some rhyme or reason?

And check out the great books and authors that elaborated on the idea: Summa Theologica, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Quoran, The Bible, Jean Paul Sarte, Socrates, Paulo Cohello, Donald Trump.

Okay, I arbitarily inserted up that last name.

But seriously. You never realized you were in the company of such eminence! Give yourself a pat on the back, Mr. Philosopher.

Stop, and consider how, after all that rheotoric, prose, and giddy exhortation, few of these dissertations truly arrived at some enlightening, jaw dropping Meaning of Life that literally gave you the golden answer to your personal existence. (people still keep searching!)

And Life, well life just kept lifing along. nu ni nu ni nu

Step outside for a moment. Just humor me on this.

What do you see. Really drink in the detail now.

Okay. Theres a car passing by. Or maybe a tree with some bird poop on it. A cat (hopefully white) passing the street. Oh look! A dog...

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